Thursday, December 1, 2011

Modern Zen Design House in Madrid by A-cero

Overlapping maze of sculpted granite and glass, this modern house Zen by Spanish architects A-Cero makes a unique statement within its lush environment

  Futuristic Architecture of Modern architects A-cero Architects - House made entirely by Zen Design
Modern Zen Design House in Madrid by A-cero
   Located in Pozuelo de Alarcon Madrid, Spain, this house has a futuristic design with a curved facade of the stone walls of dark granite and travertine marble, provide privacy and dramatic meeting.
Futuristic Zen Design - House in Madrid
Watercourse passes from outside to inside, creating a smooth transition to the internal environment. The house is located on a slope overlooking the lake, it allows the creation of upper and lower terrace for outdoor entertainment and activities.

Interior Design - Kitchen with interesting island in the middle of the tree
From inside the house is divided into two levels, upper and lower. Room upstairs leads to the essence of luxury living - spacious kitchen, wine storage, dining room, lounge and library. Also on the second floor are master bedroom, closet, bathroom, indoor swimming pool and gym.
Stairs leading to downstairs, we found the sight of the children's playground, where children spend their time entertaining, guest bedroom and storage room. Each room includes a glass wall that is darkened to maintain the privacy of indiscreet interest. In addition to the futuristic look of the house will add high-tech computerized Zen design, including lighting, security systems, air conditioning and blinds. All this is controlled with the touch of the owners of this unique contemporary home.
Interior - white room with comfortable sofas and beautiful orchids folded on the table
Interior Design - Dining room - table of white marble with comfortable chairs
Interior Design - indoor swimming pool, reminiscent of traditional Japanese bath style but modern

Interior Design - Library - mass hanging in the air-wood paneling of exotic tree

Interior – Bathroom
Exterior Design - Modern Zen Design House in Madrid by A-cero


Modern Zen Design House in Madrid by A-cero