Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kitchen with Zen simplicity

The designer of this kitchen, Marguerite Rogers talks about the project. At the bottom of the yard in New Jersey is a compact one-story house where all the rooms flow into one another. So the designer decided to design the kitchen so as not to fight in the eyes typical kitchen furniture. So the island and the cabinets look more like furniture, designed in Japanese tansu - the doors are the type of blinds, allowing you to have more space in small kitchens.
When people are fed, housed around the kitchen island,  this limited space to cook, and looks very "open".  So the window is mounted on a narrow board, which you can safely drink a cup of coffee and enjoy the scenery outside. The counter is a console, so we still see glass top and bottom. And this is another strong horizontal, which is very typical of Japanese architecture and makes the space seem larger than it actually is.
The premise seems so simply when counter and sink are formed from one piece of stainless steel, it is actually easier to clean - no crevices where dirt can collect.
Zen simplicity of the kitchen is underscored by the watery green counters, marble and hand-made wooden cabinets of walnut wood.
Walnut are table and chairs.