Monday, February 27, 2012

Modern house, Zen-like living home

Clean home with wide open space With the use objects from nature, balanced and harmonious, become an oasis of Zen touch. That this is the house designed by Dane Design Australia. Unique fence and beautiful scenery surround this wonderful home.

    view of the entrance
 The mix of Eastern philosophy and modern western style makes this exotic house Dream House. . This project looks like a private complex luxury villa. This exotic house consists of several separate pavilions, which are focused on ten acres of deep clear water.
  Lake water
Public and private spaces are separated from the indoor and outdoor breezeways. All pavilions are built from natural materials.

  Stone path
    Water elements 
This modern design looks like a private resort, but has the same features. The garden courts, a gym, spa and pool like any other resort. If you like the garden, then you can enjoy gardening in this beautiful garden courts.

  Beautiful views of the Zen alcove Like Home
  Is a modern home interior design with a garden
If you think you need more traffic, then you can go to the gym, spa or swim in the pool. Any termination of this place made rich in natural materials.
The luxurious interior design is filled with contemporary minimalist furnishings.

Living room modern interior design
Huge glass walls give the feeling of living oasis in nature, and the soft light, white wooden floor and give comfort and warmth.
Kitchen and living room
The kitchen is very bright, white and with ultra modern furniture. In the living room again used natural colors, but this time the stakes contrast between white and brown with red accents Tolian of decorative pillows and paintings. Here, diffusion light gives softness and comfort.

    Main room with fireplace

The wooden floor and ceiling, stone wall with fireplace and open walls emphasize the centrality of this room. Here are gathered all the materials of nature and fire as a symbol of home.

 Master bedroom  
 Master bedroom  
 Spa and rooms with baths
  Fitness room

Blue water in front fitness room
View from inside the house
 Many luxury homes have such impressive projects that all wish to live there and get inspiration for their homes from them.

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