Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas decoration according to Feng Shui

The main idea of ​​Christmas decorations, according to Feng Shui is to create a sense of peace and balance. The basic rule in Feng Shui philosophy is to stimulate the flow of positive energy "chi" through the positioning of objects in space through the use of certain elements as part of the interior and removing others as carriers of negative energy and most of all - by maintaining harmony.
Firstly, in arranging the Christmas decoration according to Feng Shui principles is cleared. This means to remove all unnecessary items to make room for Christmas elements of the interior.
Clearing house is an important process because it releases stagnant energy accumulated in the corners of the room, revives the atmosphere at home.
The role of color in Christmas decorations, according to Feng Shui
The colors are a major factor funkitsoniraneto of Feng Shui principles. Depending on how they are combined, how bright and how they are distributed in different rooms, the colors serve as a catalyst or a positive or negative energy. Pinned to the bright Christmas colors like chereveno, green and gold, should be added in light pastel shades. Otherwise, they will enhance the existing energy and will affect the balance.
 However, there are places where "cluster" of bright colors is allowed - for example, Christmas table, inviting glow which can be enhanced by using utensils, napkins, decorations and natural elements in the desired festive colors.

Harmony of the interior
It is important to be home harmoniously arranged. This means that if the room is small, it should not have too many reflective surfaces, because the excess energy will be absorbed by the interior and create a tense atmosphere. It is the room is furnished with furniture with matt broadcast with soft and rounded forms, to Christmas decorations to add more ribbons and textile items. But if the room is very spacious, the decoration should be plenty to not lost in space and not to create a feeling of emptiness.
Christmas tree according to Feng Shui
Christmas tree is often called the "heart of the home" and decorate her culmination in preparation for the holiday. Extremely important that the principles of Feng Shui, however, is not over-trim. As are the beautiful lights, balls and ribbons tree must allow the tree to "breathe". Christmas tree represents the earth element in feng shui philosophy and brings family harmony and abundance.

Decorate the Christmas table, according to Feng Shui
Start by selecting the table. The best is that it is round or oval shape to maintain the friendly atmosphere. The absence of sharp edges in the room allows positive energy to flow freely and smoothly. However, if the table is not round, the guests shall be located so as not to feel trapped in the corners free space around her, to give them enough air.
   Christmas is a time for peace and understanding. Take time for yourself, relax your mind and thank God for that which has come to you and makes you happy.