Sunday, January 8, 2012

Harmony in the bathroom, according to Zen

One of the most difficult endeavors of our time appears to be finding a quiet place for relaxation, isolated space where one could achieve peace and harmony with yourself.
This assistance comes Zen philosophy by simplifying and rearranging the home decor creates a unique feeling of comfort.
             The bathroom is usually one of the last places that we think at home, but that she has one of the most important for achieving the much desired peace.
              When arranging a Zen bathroom floor is an important element which figures should be smoothly blend from one to another. As simple, clean design is something that is difficult to achieve in Zen layout is more emphasis on architectural elements rather than decorative. This means that if you use a professional to implement the project should be carefully considered where appropriate. However, if you seek the services of a consultant or went to work alone, experts give a few interesting tips for achieving Zen in the bathroom.
               Current layout of Zen are so shoji screens or special Chinese screens representing the wall paper in a wooden frame. It's nice tub to be located near a window, as close to nature, where its influence is stronger.
The part in which the toilet must be positioned so that it can not be seen from the front door. It would be better if placed near a piece of art that would draw attention to themselves when entering.
"You can feel the coziness of the place, not even fight in their eyes," says Michael Morris of Morris Sato Studio in New York. There is just something hidden behind a screen or wall, which creates known elsewhere sense of depth and spatiality, writes
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