Sunday, November 6, 2011

Zen inspiration in the interior of the house of 30 sq.m

In essence, Zen space gravitates towards peace and tranquility. It is quite difficult to achieve a Zen influences in the interior of the apartment 30 m2 Zen interior design does not exist.

Place to eat in the apartment of 30 m2

To achieve the ideas of Zen, calm, clarity, and loving kindness meditation, we must have one thing in mind-this is nature. Play with pebbles, a piece of root, flower or a picture of a waterfall or seascape, will contribute significantly to achieving the desired setting.

     Details in the dining room, contributing to the Zen mood

Place for relaxation and social interaction in a home of 30 sq.m

The mirror gives the illusion of space in the room

Kitchen corner

Again, present nature - flowers

 The selected colors of the paintings contribute to the peaceful atmosphere
You can see the reflection of the kitchen counter in a mirror.

Decorative pillows bring additional comfort in the bedroom

They say that God is in the details - here are some items for the home that will help us to approach him with your thoughts: flowers, paintings, light

Flowers on the coffee table

Flower in the mirror