Thursday, November 24, 2011

How to design a Zen home

 Zen design elements used by the Buddhist philosophy in the interior and exterior. Zen philosophy focuses on introspect - and the same is true when designing Zen house. Must be considered each element in the rooms and to know its purpose. It's soothing decor, which must be able to bring peace to our hectic lives.

Some tips for achieving Zen at home:

clean lines and natural colors
        1.Pick objects with clean lines and natural colors. Paint the room in white or other fresh natural colors. Select furniture in earth tones such as cream, brown and tan. Avoid patterns and bright, contrasting colors of the decor.
Select purpose of each room
         2.Select purpose of each room. In Zen temples, each room is dedicated to one goal. The same is true in your home. Even if you have shared use of space, kitchen, furniture Group for its intended purpose or use movable screens to divide space into separate areas.
Avoid clutter
         3.Avoid clutter. It promotes chaos, not at all very Zen. Make sure there is room for everything you need and get rid of things that you need not to be used or not. The disorder is not comforting, and Zen design must maintain a relaxed atmosphere.

Choose natural products to decorate your home
        4.Choose natural products to decorate your home. Avoid man-made and brightly colored objects as an accent. Instead, focus on natural elements like plants and rocks. A bright flower in a simple but impeccably made vase is more appropriate than engaging several flower arrangements.

Bringing natural light into your home
          5.Bringing natural light into your home. Avoid blocking windows with heavy curtains, or open them during the day. Arrange furniture so that light can pass from one room to the next. The large windows are better than small, but you can enlarge the windows, which have by avoiding ornate window frames or walls occupied by pictures along the windows.

Choose low maintenance positions
          6.Choose low maintenance positions, whether furniture or accent pieces. Avoid items that take much time and effort to clean and require special care to maintain. Choose quality items that will last a lifetime, no fuss.